Online Backup – Best Service for you?

January 3, 2019

An easy to understand interface and reliable backup service make Sugar Sync one of the most popular options out there. If you are an IT professional or home user who has vital data that needs to be backed up, this may be a solution you want to try.SugarSync is provided with a client that is very similar to the Windows Explorer interface. For individuals who are accustomed to the Windows operating system, it should be easy enough to figure out how to work the Sugar Sync backup system. You can use Sugar Sync on Macintosh, as well as Windows, so there are not any operating system restrictions that you have to concern yourself with.

Sugar Sync allows you to control how much bandwidth is dedicated to your backup tasks. This helps you make certain that you do not end up flooding your network traffic at inopportune times. You can restore files just as easily as they are backed up, so you do not have to be a professional to replace anything that is been lost off of your computer due to a data error or for another reason. Mobile device support is highly developed with the Sugar Sync backup system. Sugar Sync also provides you with excellent data encryption so that you do not have to mu dragon your transfers or your files being compromised. You can synchronize your files with as many computers as you wish and you can file share over your Internet site access.SugarSync has been reported to have some issues with mobile devices and file sharing. Overall, most of the people who have used the service have given excellent reviews and have not reported any major issues with the client or the file backup service.

Sugar Sync offers a diverse array of plans and, if you want a free version, you can upload up to five gigabytes to their servers at no charge. Sugar Sync has a backup client that is intuitive for anybody who is an experienced computer user.SugarSync is a very good option for backup services. Their online servers are reliable and you should not have any problems accessing anything you store with them. You will also find that Sugar Sync offers you an excellent client that does not require you to learn anything new to use it. Configuration options are broad enough to keep professionals happy and usability is simple enough to keep end users from being confused. Overall, this is one of the online backup companies that is really managing to do things right.

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