Migrating to USA – Visa Process and Naturalization

April 25, 2018

Individuals who intend to secure legal permanent resident status in the U.S. must obtain settler visas at the US department or international safe haven in their locale.  The initial step is to record an appeal to with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS. You may get a relative or business to support you or self-appeal to or utilize the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. The most widely recognized approach is through family contact or business. A qualified relative, i.e. an Indian expat with permanent resident status, or a potential US business documents an appeal to at the USCIS office in the US for your sake. It is likewise conceivable to document an Immediate Relative appeal to at an abroad USCIS office gave you have lived in the nation for no less than a half year.

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Once the appeal to is endorsed by the USCIS, it is sent to the US State Department is National Visa Center NVC, which finishes the initial processing and advances the request of to the international safe haven or office in where you dwell. NVC plans your interview at your closest office. You will get an interview appointment letter with extra instructions – visa processing installment points of interest and required reports – within six to two months of your appeal. At the interview, you have to deliver the two originals and photocopies of your records, for example, birth testament, marriage declaration, legitimate international ID, proof of financial help, official offer of business, photos, and different authentications. US international safe haven or department workplaces are situated in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. Get more information from

The international safe haven will restore your original archives after your interview is finished. On the off chance that your visa application is acknowledged, it will restore your identification with the worker visa and a fixed bundle of migration reports which must be given over to the US movement official when you enter the US. When you get your visa, you should pay the USCIS foreigner charge before entering the US, a compulsory necessity to get your Permanent Resident Card.  On the other hand, Indians in USA residing continuously for a long time or more can apply for permanent resident status. The time period is lessened to three years on the off chance that you are the life partner of a US national, are an offspring of a US resident, or have served the US military respectably. For instance, a H-1B visa holder, who is qualified to remain in the US for up to six years, may in the long run apply for a green card.

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